Have you seen the big, new, improved Baroque?

Here’s a little refresher on the glories that await the reader at our new, self-hosted site at http://baroqueinhackney.com.

The new Baroque is a bigger and, I think, more beautiful site. In true steampunk-Baroque fashion, I made it myself.

It encompasses my writing life, with details of my publications and readings and where you can find my work – both poetry and prose – online. More importantly perhaps, it also gives details about my services for writers.

As well as running a course on technique – called ‘Making Poetry’ – at the Poetry School, I also run other tutorial activities:

  • several Saturday workshops a year
  • one-to-one tutorials, either in person or by email
  • more ongoing mentoring, where I work with you to pull out the best in your writing and develop all aspects of your writing life.

I also provide editing services. That is, I can:

  • Proofread your manuscript
  • Line-edit your manuscript
  • Help you shape your poetry collection
  • Work with you to develop a book out of the poems you have

As well as all this, good old Baroque in Hackney itself is still on top form. Recent posts include:

I’ll be thrilled if you’ll have a look and sign up to get email updates of the new website. And I’ll be really grateful if you’ll recommend (or hire!) me as a tutor, mentor, or editor.

Here’s to a vibrant and very Baroque 2012.

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